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I grapple with topics of race, displacement, truth and lies. Whether it be the white washing of history of the Black American experience or the invisible Native American. Colonialism, Feminism, Capitalism, Racism, Genocide or Femicide, the voiceless and trafficked invisible human beings around us, the forgotten, displaced, the harmed and broken, all weigh on me heavily. My work attempts to shine a light on those dark corners we created as a society.


Bringing into question the status quo, revealing the absurdities we have grown to live with that need to be changed. Art has many applications, mine is to illicit dialogue, question, provoke thought, move and engage.


My belief is that when we engage long enough in the conversation we can create a real meaningful change. Even if it is a bit uncomfortable. After all, artists are also historians documenting the times they live in.

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Immigrated to the US as a young child, a naturalized citizen.

I know displacement. I know immigration. I know not being native.

I had always questioned my place. As an “invasive species”.

For an immigrant there is always the question of Home and knowing “Your Place” and later, the place of your children.


Growing up in Detroit, I was very aware that the bubbling of society comes from anguish and pain. Another kind of displacement. A class displacement.


She identifies as a Human Rights Artivist.

Because being a feminist is really being a Humanist. (She, Her)



Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem Israel (Fine Art)

Academy Of Art San Francisco (Graphic Design)

But, her most valuable education came from Life.



Bread and Salt, San Diego Ca.

Center for Political Contemporary Art - Washington DC

Oceanside Museum of Art - Oceanside Ca.

LoosenArt - Rome, Italy

Azrieli Gallery - Tel Aviv, Israel

Art on 30th - San Diego, Ca.

Atheneum - La Jolla, Ca

California State Parks Headquarters - San Diego, Ca.

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